Top secret tracks

Also still under serious wraps is the forthcoming album by Ash Grunwald (for those who don’t know, that’s him chillaxing on the studio couch) The album features a bunch of production and beats by the fingers malone ensemble and should be crushing airwaves and dance floors in a couple of months. This shot was taken late one night when we were critiquing a mix. So even though Ash looks like he is just slurping down a cup of green tea (which he is) he is simultaneously straining his ears and brain to hear all the tiny details of all the long hours we had put in to the recording and mixing. We did a lot of work in his new studio and the results were outstanding. We are still not sure if the killer outcome was because of his new audio gear or the fact that we could relax and take our time because we weren’t paying for the space by the minute or the fact that we literally were rolling out of bed and taking 2 steps with a morning coffee into the studio and we were at work. But as I said you guys will have to wait just a little longer to hear it for yourselves. Infact I probably shouldn’t even have said this much. Oh no!


About the fingers malone ensemble

drums and mpc and keyboards and synthesizers and compressors
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