The dubstep inspired collaboration between Ash and fingers malone.


City Streets is a dark burning banger! A soundtrack to walking the cobbled streets of East London late at night, and turning a corner to come face to face with something you’d rather not encounter. It’s Jack the Ripper country; a place of beggars, thieves and shadowy street deals.

Riot was written a couple of weeks after London was burning in the 2011 riots. It was a time when the civilised world was shown a window to a world where both lawlessness and technology are in abundance. A time when gangs roamed the streets taking whatever they desired and co-ordinating movements over wifi.

TIGER VZ SHARK is the cross continental collaboration between celebrated Australian Blues man, Ash Grunwald, and Aussie expat producer, multi instrumentalist and film maker, fingers malone, who was crafting beats as the recent chaos of the London riots rambled down the street outside the recording studio window, so close he could touch it. Heavily influenced by the bass drops and wobbles in Dub Step, which, like the Blues, is music that rose from the underclass, combined with Ash’s powerful and evocative vocals, the result is the debut track, the foundation rumbling ‘City Streets’.

The duo met when Ash saw fingers perform at a festival, and in typical nonchalant fashion asked him to play drums at his show the following night. With no rehearsal and a couple of warm up beers, they rocked the full house and fingers became a member of Ash’s eclectic touring entourage, criss-crossing Australia several times over, laughing their heads off as they went.

Catching up with fingers again while on tour in the UK, Ash says  “We were doing some festivals together and hanging out in malone’s studio in East London. I was besotted with the dub-step groove that seemed to emanate from the pores of the city.  There’s something very primal about that half time beat that turned me into a fanatic”. Each busy with their own projects, the finishing touches to the TIGER VZ SHARK recording were bounced back and forth between the pair across Europe, Canada and Australia. Says Ash “It was the first time I’d ever recorded without a guitar! I’m so excited about the project, I love working with fingers. We’re the best of mates and we learned a hell of a lot working together as a duo.”

Grunwald is credited with bringing Blues and Roots to a new generation. His latest album, Hot Mama Vibes, spawned multiple radio hits, including Walking, which was prominently featured in the Hollywood blockbuster, ‘Limitless’. Nominated for more awards than he can count by the Australian Record Industry Association, APRA and the Australian Independent Record label association and celebrated ‘Road Dog’ – for his relentless touring schedule – Ash consistently sells out his extensive Australian tours and European, UK, Canadian and North American shows.

The fingers malone ensemble, AKA vinnie laduce, really does defy comparison. As well as playing drums and keys for Ash, his own live solo shows have been both delighting and bewildering London audiences as he switches between Casio keyboards, live MPC playing and angry bass lines with his distinctive rap/singing over the top. The sound of the ensemble could best be described as a cinematic mix of hip hop, jazz and dub. His first album “push” is a mixture of distorted drum machines, swirling synthesizers and old school keyboards.  He has produced work for London based film and television production label Pedigree Cuts, and another project, “The Royal Dealers” scored the Australian film “Our Generation” as well producing The Winnie Coopers’ second album “Worth the Weight” with whom he also played drums.


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