FIRST SINGLE ‘Longtime’ from Trouble’s Door

Production and mixing of this project has kept me up late on many occasions over the past couple of months but very happy to say that ‘Longtime’ is on rotation on triple jjj.

Following on from his award winning, critically acclaimed, 2010 album Hot Mama Vibes we can reveal today that the first single to be taken from the brand new record, Trouble’s Door, due out May 11, will be ‘Longtime’.

Longtime came to life in Ash’s home studio, with the help of his dubstep wingman and producer Fingers Malone, recorded into just the one mic, on nothing but an acoustic guitar. Sounds simple, yes? But don’t be fooled. Ash Grunwald is not a gent to do things by halves; without exploration or without courage. ‘Longtime’ consists of some 90 (!) tracks, the result of a creative flurry that came right at the end of the album’s finish. It’s that age old story – told by Smashing Pumpkins about their track ‘Ruby’ and Nine Inch Nails with ‘We’re In This Together’ – at the final hour, when one more song needs to vaporize, the creative juices that have been coursing for weeks or months, spill over, the last song done within moments. ‘We just ran a four on the floor beat and I started playing and there you have it. I love it when it works like that,’ Ash recalls excitedly. ‘Like a lot of my party songs, it deals with the idea of escaping and just doing your thing…I’ve had that impulse my whole life. Just taking off and doin’ your thing. I imagine driving on a hot summer night with all the windows down or better still the roof angle-grindered right off!! Just singing to the stars.’

But the forthcoming album Trouble’s Door is not all parties and wind in the hair. It’s a record that serves up a cross-section of what it means to be living on a planet in constant balance between hope and despair, all the while striving to fulfil the greatest mission of all – the presence of great times and the possession of a happy heart. But you’ll have to wait for the full story. Look out for ‘Longtime’ on itunes in mid-April and if you’re a facebook buddy, keep your eyes peeled for the opportunity to download ‘Longtime’ for a limited period for freebies!

‘Longtime’ available on itunes mid-April

Trouble’s Door out May 11th via Shock Records.


About the fingers malone ensemble

drums and mpc and keyboards and synthesizers and compressors
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