in addition to the obvious digital version, the push album is also available on cd in a limited edition hand printed sleeve made from 100% recycled materials. just click on the sleeve below to get yours in the post the old school way. (you get a digital copy straight away too) or if you just want a digital copy click the buy button further down the page. the 14 track remix album and the pedigree cuts breaks album are free! aren’t you lucky.

limited edition hand printHand printed and individually numbered.


3 Responses to tunes

  1. neil c says:

    Pure phattness…


    Hey there Mr Fingers. Didn’t get to check out your set at the westernport the other night. Hope you, and Mr Ash had as much fun as we did playing the front bar earlier on. Did that little clip come together on ya phone? Hope you like what we do…just havin a bit of fun, and trying to earn a quid at the same time. CHEERS, WILLY GOLIGHTLY & BBQ BOB, also known as THE HANDSOME DEVILS. or mobile 0422730102

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