studio stuff

here are some samples of my wurlitzer piano. very useful for mpc producers or if you use a sampler vst in logic or cubase or something. it is 16bit 44k. download it for free at soundcloud.

a mod project. i am not a circuit bender (i don’t have the patience or soldering skills) but i have added a jack line out to this pss-80 keyboard so i can punch it through some guitar pedals and an amp. its no ms-20 but it definitely has its own cool attributes. it runs on batteries and cost a grand total of 11 squids including the jack.



this is a super cool little synth. it is fully analog and with a bit of imagination you can do some crazy stuff with it. it is a perfect addition to the modern day studio for somebody who cannot afford a larger analog keyboard. give your vsts a kick in the arse with a bit of this in the mix. the filter is incredible and you can run other stuff through it too. you can feed a stereo signal in but you only get mono out. but for some really creative thinking check out this blog by everfly.


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