free the remixes….NOW

OUT NOW….a free 14 track album of remixes by the fingers malone ensemble of other peoples tunes. WOOOOHHHHOOOOOOO. What the fuck is a remix anyway? Well this is what fm has to say about it:

“Oh remixes are very tricky. A remix should still be a good song in its own right. If its only good bits are the hooks from the original tune then its a waste of time, init. The trick to doing a good remix is to not have tricks and don’t have any preconcieved ideas of the finished product until you have actual spent some time with the raw tracks. You gotta find something to latch onto that can’t really be heard or doesn’t feature much in the original. There is no point doing a remix if you just go and add a four to the floor dance beat in the hope that it will become a dance floor favourite. I know this gets done all the time and its fun but there is not much artistic merit in it. With each of these tunes I’ve tried to make them into something a bit different from what they were while not losing what it is that they started out as. Is that an elitist, arty enough explanation? Would you listen to what I just said? God damn let’s go for a beer.”

All the tracks have a clip on you tube too. Some really cool shots of East London etc. So blast it on your stereo and youtube it at your next party and make sure you check out the original artists and tunes because that is half the fun of a remix.
Much respect to all the original composers, players, engineers and producers. Thanks for trusting me with your creations and letting me twist your work into sometimes unrecognisable sounds.


About the fingers malone ensemble

drums and mpc and keyboards and synthesizers and compressors
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