a geezer on an electric piano?

check it out. a real cool new clip for ‘home’ from the album push. not sure how they find the time but dune street records is proud to be working in conjunction with VINNIE LADUCE FILMS!!! to bring you this offering. it was shot on location in beautiful east london with a stellar cast and crew. and yes that is the local beer of choice for the discerning hipster. red stripe. ask for it by name. it is actually not the greatest beer but the can sure looks funky when you are busting some wicked beats on the footpath. the featured piano is the hohner pianet, or the poor mans rhodes. but we can assure you that the pianet is a killer instrument in its own right. it’s not trying to be a rhodes. it’s just doing its own thing.


About the fingers malone ensemble

drums and mpc and keyboards and synthesizers and compressors
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One Response to a geezer on an electric piano?

  1. tubenreuben says:

    man that was fuckin good!

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