Pedigree Cuts releases fingers malone instrumentals

Organic downbeats

Here is the opening track called “Lady plays the drums” by the fingers malone ensemble. To hear the other fm tracks, “Money undercover” and “Brandfords lightbulb” head over to the Pedigree site.

Posted January 31st, 2011 at 9:00 am
by Alex
Welcome one, welcome all. Prepare to take it most easy for at least the next 20 minutes…

Organic Downbeats

Organic downbeats is about stepping back from the frenetic, fast paced, quick fix, singles only, 30 sec sound bite culture we find ourselves in, and giving things time to breathe. This record represents a snapshot of the calmer and more reflective side of life. John Coltrane would hold onto every chord a little longer than most of his contemporaries in order to fully explore the melodies that could be woven from it. In the same way, the songs on this album force us to pay attention to every nuance, each single solitary sound, in a way that would not be possible if the tempos were any higher.

Take, for example, Fingers Malone’s “Lady plays the drums”: Its’ hypnotic beats and sumptuous piano caress the sensibilities of the listener so much so, that one barely notices that the track lasts over 7 minutes. Time flies! That’s the point.

What it doesn’t mean, is that this is a soundtrack to somnolence: The whole gammut of human emotion is encapsulated within this long players confines. If you’ve popped this on for a snooze – prepare to be afraid. Check out Shawn Lee’s Secret Stash if you fancy disconcerting dub dreams. And if that doesn’t scare you, maybe Ikon’s “Motion blur” might force you to re-adjust your sets.

Naturally, there is always hope & Charlie May delivers a slice with his majestical Fender Rhodes piece “Blue line”. In fact, this seems to be the instrument of choice for the 4 separate writers who have contributed to the album. Unbeknown to each other, they have all come to the same conclusion: If its organic, natural and unspoilt your after – there is only one choice: Fender’s beautiful 1970s electric piano can be heard on at least half the cuts on this record.

Enjoy the break. Your ears deserve it.

Fender Rhodes

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via PED A007 – Organic downbeats | Pedigree Cuts.


About the fingers malone ensemble

drums and mpc and keyboards and synthesizers and compressors
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